I’ve been trying to come up with reasons why I feel an urge to write about Reiki today. It might be because I’ve been giving it to myself more often and I feel it truly makes me closer to my heart; it could be the incessant pool of metaphysical questions that drown my mind in … Continue reading

What you eat is what you become

Food is fundamental to create. Every single process in our body needs the energy that comes from what we put in our mouths. Every sense in our being relates to its pleasures. It connects the insides and outsides of nature. A few years back I made a list of my favorite places in Manhattan to … Continue reading

Gender in Spanish

I’m fascinated by the debates about the use of gender in language, and the question on how sexist Spanish is. My novel explore  the point of view of female, the female language in a language that so clearly separates both,  and so far I cannot really pin point the subtleties. Just an instinct, a shadow. … Continue reading

Google hates bilingual people

I have remained undecided on the Google versus privacy debate until trying to research on story telling, I came to experience the new enforcements, stronger limitations that were shadows are now unbearable. Because I live in NY and there’s no way of turn of my location, Google think that I only speak English. If I … Continue reading